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Beschreibung: Congrationlation for your orrs from DoraTasia.

DoraTasia is a cool brand with different style shoes. inclu boots/pumps/sandals/flats and so on.

You can be filled up with confidience with them for your every important moment.

For choosing a fittable shoes, here are very important tips:

please choose the size according to your foot length since different countries have different size standard .

How to choose the size,we have RMMC method recommend. please follow our steps:

1.Requires an A4 sheet of paper and the pencil.

2.Mark your foot on the paper.

3.Measure the length from foot toe to head. remember to use centimeter ruler.

4.Compare the foot length with our size chart and find out the right size.

More FAQs:

1.what is the processing time after I placed an orr?

we always process a orr within 3-4 days in orr to keep the quality of it. long I should wait for my parcels?

we usualy livery the parcels via epacket which normally need 10-18 days since we located at China.

3.what can I do if the shoes comes with problems?

please send us emails and the pictures of the problem product,we will provi you the best solutions as soon as we can.

Any more questions,please just email us,we will reply you within 12-24 hours if it is possible. please allow us more time if it is holiday or weekend.thank you so much.